The Definitive Guide to Moving Abroad

Hello, hello, hello!

It has been so long since our last update, we’ll feature more about our travels through China and to Australia.

In the meanwhile I’ve been fielding so many questions about moving abroad, travelling and maximising your opportunities abroad. It’s no secret I’ve just relocated to Australia and more to follow on this!

So… have you ever wondered what it takes to move abroad? Frustrated with the status quo and 9-5 life? Or are you looking for that next big career or lifestyle move? With the Definitive Guide to Moving Abroad I’ll show you how you can make your ambitions a reality. With tested first hand experience, how to guides and bespoke resources i’ll show you how moving can bring you lifelong benefits and a whole new perspective.

I’ll take you through key steps as a definitive guide to moving abroad, these are:

  • Getting Your Bearings – Potential destinations, i’ll show you how you can tailor your move abroad to fit with your short, medium and long term goals.
  • Making Your Plan – Planning, organising and preparing, i’ll show you everything you need to prepare and get ready before your big move such as visas and budgeting.
  • Making Your Move – Checklists and decision time, i’ll show you how to pack up your life and make your move abroad with great success.
  • Starting Out – New opportunities and discovery, i’ll show you how to jump in, secure housing, a job and a circle of friends along with overcoming challenges such as culture shock.
  • Making it a Success – Fine tuning your move abroad and going the extra mile, i’ll show you how strategies to achieve your more advanced human needs, along with settling into a great group of friends and securing a career that suits you.

We’ve seen amazing interest so far 75 signups over the past 24 hours! I’m keeping it FREE for the first 100 signups so get in quick and rate me five stars!

Find out more: The Definitive Guide to Moving Abroad.

Lots of love, That Travel Thing


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