Can moving abroad work for me?

Moving abroad has never been easier or as popular, did you know a massive 320,000 Brits move abroad each year? (UK Gov, 2013). The most popular destinations from the UK include Australia, USA, Spain, China, France, Germany, Canada and New Zealand.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 1.02.12 PM.png

They join a family of some 4.7 million brits living abroad with around 1.2 million living in the EU. The UK ranks eighth highest in the world in terms of the number of its nationals living abroad (World Bank, 2011). Globally expats are 232 million strong family of people across the globe that have relocated, work, live or study abroad.

Popular destinations:



Pros: For English speakers, no language barrier meaning you can go straight into living there without much issue. High minimum wage and great standard of living. Great climate and outdoors lifestyle.

Cons: An expensive place to be with high living costs for accommodation, food or education. Really, really far away from other nations making travel expensive and lengthy. Smaller towns are pretty isolated and not much going on (or maybe you might like that!)



Times Square on a rainy night in New York City

Pros: Land of the free, home of the brave. Low taxes, cheap eats, better weather and diversity. Opportunities for work in world leading industries such as film, TV, finance. Great diversity of climates and places to live. Worlds biggest economy.

Cons: Coastal cities are expensive places for property, cost of living can be very high. Difficult to get visas, the Green Card lottery is also an option though is only open for selected countries.



Pros: Great weather and sunny climate. Relaxed outdoors lifestyle. Relatively low cost of living.

Cons: Economy is suffering and unemployment is high, especially youth unemployment. Pay expectation is around the European average.

That’s just a taste of the top destinations from the UK and of course there are many more out there!





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