10 reasons everyone should live abroad at least once

Part of our new feature here on Sundays, blogging about The Definitive Guide to Moving Abroad. It has never been easier to move abroad, with globalisation, cheap airfares and the era of Skype and Facetime, it really makes travel and living abroad a breeze. I will be sharing my best tips on how to move abroad, where to go, finance, budgeting, making friends, finding work and more.

I’m developing a course that will share the delicious ex-pat life, this will be aimed at those that have; never thought about moving abroad; are about to move abroad; currently abroad. First up 10 reasons everyone should live abroad at least once, its a cliche but travel and living abroad will change you for the better. Your perspective and approach to life will also change, so be warned this is serious stuff.

10 reasons everyone should live abroad at least once:

  1. You’ll find experiences matter much more than material goods.

  2. You’ll gain new confidence to live the life you want.

  3. Learn to overcome new challenges and become much more resilient.

  4. Make friends from all over the world (and have a place to stay).

  5. Get a fresh start, wipe the slate clean and try something completely new.

  6. New adventures will make you love each new day.

  7. You’ll become more independent and open minded.

  8. Being pro-active will become second nature.

  9. You’ll become way more street smart and read situations better.

  10. Of course, you’ll also become super awesome (And get bragging rights!).

That’s just a few and of course there are more but we will let you find out yourself.

Photo credit: Farhana Dewan


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