Turkey – Izmir

It comes with great sadness to say we had to slightly shake up our visit to Turkey. Originally we planned to go to up the coast of Turkey to Istanbul but recent events have made that slightly unfeasible. Government advice (read mum and dad) suggest that travel be reconsidered for Istanbul, what a shame!

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.35.03 AM.png

Instead we are in the cosmopolitan city of Izmir, which luckily is delightful. You can consume as much media coverage on Turkey as you like, but the reality seems much different. So far as what we have seen, Turkey is pleasant, safe and welcoming. Everyone is driving brand new cars, people are merry, eating out on the street, it just seems like any other city just trying to get on with life. The food is just incredible, köfte, kebabs, grilled meats, lahmacun – yum!

The lesson of this story is, it always pays to have a contingency plan and sometimes when you travel you need to be prepared for change! Our Plan B, fly direct to Istanbul and catch a flight out of there, more on that later.


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