Travel with us to a new design

Here at That Travel Thing we are all about change. The change in the season, from summer to autumn marks not only a time to pause, but a time to work out what can be done better. We are pleased to say we recently hit 1,000 page views since July, a modest first target but you have to start somewhere.

To celebrate we are upping the ante, our first web template (green themed) has been burnt, trashed, gone. Out with the old, in with the new we say. Now you can access our blog posts and content with an easy to use layout, with an all new cleaner and sexier design.

Quick guide: Check out travel tips under Travel Locations at the very top of the page. Likewise you can explore current and past Weekend Editions (reading like a magazine archive!):


Lastly a new search feature at the very bottom of the page, search for anything you like!


Thanks for reading and your support, let us know what you think of the new layout. More changes to come this quarter on all things travel – love from,

That Travel Thing


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