How to get your next holiday.. for free


One of the joys of travelling is exploring a new place and learning how real people go about their lives. We would recommend Airbnb to get a taste of a real local experience, though often this can cost at least £120+ ($160) for a 3 day stay in somewhere like London. Even in cheaper places across Europe you still expect to pay £20-30 ($27-40) per night.

What if you could stay for free? On our travels we discovered how. Using house sitting websites such as House Carers you can stay at a place in exchange for a little pet or house sitting – below I’ll show you how much you could save by signing up!

How to stay for free

Let’s look at how to build a trip, let’s use House Carers to find somewhere that suits our needs. You can find some amazing assignments across the world, they range from apartments, houses, farms and are usually based in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Queensland, Australia

Ever wanted to visit Australia? In the gorgeous Northern Beaches of Cairns you can find this sweet gig this Christmas and New Year – truly paradise. Great access to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, sign me up! For comparison the cheapest Airbnb we could find over Christmas started at around £65 ($85) per night, why pay if you can get it for free?  Over the 1 month, save: £1950 ($2500).


Hollywood, California

Ever dreamed about Hollywood? Check out this one in Hollywood, Los Angeles a lovely apartment in a great location and a lovely apartment. Add a cute dog and kitty, who could say no? With an average Airbnb in Hollywood setting you back a cool £177 ($234) per night, it ain’t cheap! Over four days, save: £708 ($940).

British Columbia, Canada

For the super long haul traveller or someone looking to escape life completely.. How about an assignment for a few months? What about the wilds of British Columbia, Canada?

In exchange for caring for a kitty and this grand house set in 22 acres of rural Canada, you can expect to stay for 7 months – rent free! If you an outdoorsy person, enjoy winter sports or the great outdoors this could be a great recharge spot. The value of this is unmistakable, even small cabins we found on Airbnb were going for £90 ($120) per night nearby. Over 7 months, save: £18900 ($25000)!

That’s just a taste of what is out there, let us know how your adventures go and share your finds with us below!



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