That time we chartered our own flight


How to charter your own jet

The final of our ’how to fly mini-series’. First we showed you how to save serious money on your next flight, and how to fly for cheaper. However for many of us flying is still a hellish experience, busy planes filled with passengers and so much waiting around! So we decided, screw economy we’re going to charter our own flight, even better we are going to get paid to fly.

The charter bit.. we arrived to find our hundred seater Boeing 717 virtually empty. There were so few passengers that we all had to move to the front of the plane for takeoff and landing. Okay, okay we kid, but we didn’t actually charter our own flight, but it felt like it. This is as close to a private jet as we’ll get!

What about getting paid to fly?

It gets better though, what about getting paid for our so called chartered flight? Seems too good to be true right? I give you Volotea flight from Naples to Mykonos. Whilst we were out of pocket for the flight the actual fare was negative €12.23 (for two). Yes we were paid 12 to fly with the wonderful Volotea. What’s in it for them? The profit margins on airlines are wafer thin, most airlines are broke or cash strapped, one can only presume getting some revenue is better than none. That is, some government taxes of €31.68 and an admin fee. 

Do you have any crazy flight experiences like this? Share below!


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