How to fly for cheaper

Open Jaw-flights 

Have you ever heard of open-jaw flights? Join a secret club of adventurous jetsetters, open jaw flights allow you to see the world for less. We mentioned flexibility is a virtue right in our post how to save serious money on your next flight. So our next strategy for the super flexible among you are the open jaw flights. These are flights that are cheap because they don’t return to your home airport. For example London to New York, New York to Manchester. It is expected you make your own way back home from Manchester to London. The inconvenience and cost of getting a train or bus that last leg can save a fair amount. Example below Istanbul > Bangkok, back to London for £184. Typically this would be about £300-400.

Pro-tip: for the flexible traveller, booking open-jaw flights can save you serious money.

Error Fare Flights

In the flying world, the needle in the haystack would have to be the elusive Error Fare flight. The cost of a flight isn’t like cheese you buy at the supermarket. Cheese has a fixed sticker price and with few externalities stays pretty constant. With so many flights (and seats) being priced differently each day (something like a million people airborne at any one time) dynamic pricing, human mistakes or currency conversion errors can generate stupidly cheap fares.

Our favourite websites to find these are,

You can score ludicrously cheap flights to exotic destinations for cheap. Though be prepared to act quickly if they are amended by the airline!

Pro-tip: sign up for email alerts for error fare flights, the best fares sent straight your inbox!


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