How to travel like a rich person (when you’re actually broke)

The low down on Split and Hvar

Split is a big ferry hub, so expect to come in and out of here a few times when going out to Vis, Dubrovnik, Zadar or even Italy. The style and architecture is consistent for the region, we would recommend spending only a night or two here as it is busy and full of tourists.

Hvar however is charming and beautiful. Enjoy the simple life and enjoy the beach perched on a rock or dive into crystal clear waters. The water of the Adriatic is spectacularly clear, Hvar takes the top spot as cleanest and clearest. In addition, with more than 2700 hours of sunshine a year (London, a feeble 1480) you can bathe under a glorious blue sky and cool off in its pool-like waters. 


Dubrovnik – Yacht style

Ever wanted a yacht? Yes we do too. Croatia, being a coastal country is littered with beautiful islands, caves and archipelagos. The best way to explore this is by boat, and many of the cities docks are home to the super rich and their yachts.


The Katara yacht is valued at $300million and owned by the Emir of Qatar. It docks gracefully in the open water outside the old town of Dubrovnik. The truly enormous 408 ft length dwarfs even large yachts and what self-respecting yacht owner can set sail without a helipad? On what transpires to be a small airport on the upper deck, an  A7-HMD helicopter sits, accompanied with pilot and crew. This is serious money we are talking here, so how do we get a taste of the lush life?

$ – poor but classy

I can’t promise you yachts and dining with the Emir yet, but for those cash strapped you can start to approximate such a life by sneaking into the outstanding Villa Hotel Dubrovnik, about 15 minutes from the old town. Whilst your main entry into this elusive beach hotel is to stay here (€700 a night, no thanks) you can also sweet talk your way in. With a guise in search of coffee you can enjoy all the trappings of a cliff top balcony, pool and impeccable service for just 30kn (€4) the cost of a latte. 


$$$ – Spend a little, live a little

If you want to splash the cash without spending $300million, you could rent one for the day, though you’d probably want to start with something smaller than the Katara. We’ve seen yachts on Airbnb for a cool $3500 a night, though you will have to find a willing crew, insurance, food, drinks… Split with some friends and for small change get a taste of the good life!



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