A day in Neukölln, Berlin


What is Neukölln?

It’s as if Bushwick and Shoreditch had a baby. Finally shaking off its rough and ready image of kebab shops and discount stores, Neukölln is hot. Seemingly you’re never far from a turkish kebab, a cheap beer or the allure of a flatwhite frothed by someone called Fairfax. Spend a day in Neukölln, Berlin with us:

Explore the Landwehr Canal

With Neukölln as your base, take a stroll along Landwehr Canal. Once the former site of the Berlin Wall, the canal acted as a divider between East and West for decades. Now this part of town no longer divides worlds but opinion, opinion on where the best coffee is at!

It’s a tough one to call, but first have a coffee at Populus Coffee, you can grab a latte for 2.80.  Everyone speaks English, which is a relief for non-German speakers. You can also try the famous Five Elephant on Reichenberger Str. which is good if you can find a free table. If you can’t, you can find it served around town in many coffee houses, such as the Nomad Barber. Katie’s Blue Cat on Friedelstraße is also really cute and good spot to tuck into a good book or use the wifi. Did I say Berlin does coffee well? Nearly everywhere you go there is a great vibe and wifi throughout – noone really cares how long you stay.


Turkish Market at Maybachufer

Whilst you’re in the area you should visit the turkish market on Fridays and Tuesdays, probably the best known in Berlin. Here you will find cheap organic produce, fabrics, crafts and street food. The food is incredible. For as little as €3.50 you can grab yourself a veggieteller (veggie plate) of kisir (bulgur wheat), sigara börek (pastry filled with cheese), cacik (tzatziki dip) and courgette fritters. A beautiful mix of turkish flavours, all freshly prepared. Wash it down with the nation’s favourite apfelschorle (apple soda) or indeed a local beer, this will cost you around 1.50 from any store. Take your worldly goods to the canal side and soak up the summer rays.



Market food

Nightlife on Weserstraße

Berlin wouldn’t be complete without a party right? Luckily Neukölln is home to a growing number of cute bars on Weserstraße. Beer is universally cheap in Berlin so budget travellers you’re in luck, expect to pay around €2.50 anywhere you go. Curiously you can find even cheaper haunts on the street itself, the convenience stores often blast music and have tables outside. Grab a super cheap beer and drink on the street Berlin style.


Watch 60 seconds in Berlin!


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