The Nomad Barber, Berlin

The Nomad Barber has landed in Berlin!

When on the road away from creature comforts, it’s always a good idea to get a clean shave or haircut to keep yourself looking fresh. We venture into the second outpost of the award winning Nomad Barber, expanding from the London store in Shoreditch, owner Miguel Gutierrez talks us through his latest creation in Berlin.

Based in Kreuzberg on Schönleinstraße, the Nomad Barber is tastefully decorated, the interior design is strong. Miguel has used a simple palette of grey and white, along with exposed brickwork and woodchip. The chairs and cushions sit comfortably in the space and exude a quiet sophistication.


What to expect

As we venture into the basement area we learn more about the finest cuts, shaves and coffee in Berlin, quality and great service are important here. We try the Five Elephant coffee which has a delightful taste. As caffeine addicts, we liked the gesture of being served double shot as standard. However, if coffee isn’t your fancy you can enjoy 0.5L bottles of ‘Bier’ garnished in simple black and white branding.

The Nomad Barber concept is strong, and we are impressed with the following of 100,000 YouTube subscribers and as many on Instagram, there is clearly a lot behind the concept. Launched in 2014, social media has propelled the story of travel and discovery of the best shaves and cuts around the world. It’s a genuine and fascinating storyline.

You can make a booking through the Resurva system and for 36 you’ll get a generous 45 minute slot, a solid cut and pampering. You can also luxuriate in other packages such as wash & style, beard trims or turkish inspired massages.  Most of the barbers are expats so you’ll also learn the best tips for travelling around the area or how to settle in if you’ve just arrived.

What we think

Overall we liked the concept of the Nomad Barber as it offers us something different, being ahead of the trend and giving new life to the classic appeal of a barbershop – recommended. 

And lastly, free shaves!

Also for those in need of a clean shave, the Nomad Barber are running free shave’s on Mondays for a limited time. These guys are in training so expect to take a little longer than usual, though you’ll still get a great shave and for free!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.56.54 PM.png



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