How to quit your job in three power moves. Wake up, make your plan and fire your boss with astounding results and newfound freedom!

You know that feeling, one day you wake up a realize, life sucks and you find yourself trapped in a place you never thought you would be in. Maybe it’s your first job or you’re wanting a career change, either way if you’re having doubts you should follow our guide, how to quit your job in three power moves:

Power Move 1. Wake Up


Every wondered in the blurry eyed haze of 6am something o’clock, what the hell am I doing? It’s a feeling we can all relate to sometimes, I hate work today, I hate my boss today, I hate this place, please no more meetings. As you line up obediently on the tube platform, squeeze onto the Northern line train to Bank, what IS this? Why are we doing this? Why has every person within a 50 mile radius decided to get the tube at 8:20am, wow I must be popular.

The tedium of the commute is a necessary evil for some but is the stress, cost and time worth it? When you commute using the same carriage door at the same time every morning you will start to get recognized. You will be alerted to this when other commuters feel it is necessary to start making idle chit chat on the tube. Not only a major faux paux (Londoners talking to each other?!) but also a major red flag – strike one!

Second, you’ve been doing the hell commute so long you’re seeking a different route to work, even if it takes longer or has more stops. You’ll do anything to escape the tedium of same the old journey, or maybe you’re trying to escape the clutches of new tube friends that seem to recognize you everywhere. If it means walking that extra stop or taking the District line by choice (what!) this is your next wake up call.

The Workplace

Commute is one thing but there are other warning signs, the most important is that place you go for 8 hours each day – the workplace. If it’s the workload, the work culture or you can’t hack it any more, I give you permission to read on. It seems obvious but for many of us we don’t follow our gut instincts. We see signs that things aren’t perfect but feel obliged to labour day in and day out doing a job we hate for fear of losing out, losing salary, benefits or routine. This is called loss aversion and it is a powerful feeling that ties us to the status quo. Most studies suggest that losses feel twice as powerful psychologically as gains. So I hear ya, let’s ditch loss aversion and make the next move.

Power Move 2. Make your plan

Take Stock

This is the exciting part and we will need some of your creativity here. Upon realising the warning signs it’s time to take stock and think about your next power move, make a plan to your next destination, well done!

Set your goals

When making a plan don’t overcomplicate it, set a simple goal and stick to it. This will give you a foundation to build on and gives you a reason to continue on. You would think goals like, having money in the bank or have 5 years experience would be sensible, but no. Think clearly about what really want and be super specific!

Vague goals like ‘earn more money’ or ‘have more experience’ are questionable, we could always use a little more of each. These are the classic hooks that keep us tied down. We will always get pay rises and more responsibility, without a specific exit point it’s a big trap.

Set two specific goals

Seeing as you’re reading this, travel will be on your mind. I propose two goals that will enable you to leave your job comfortably and travel for a good amount of time. If you’re in your 20’s, something specific, achievable and realistic would be to save £5000 (dream big if you can!) or have a few years experience in your field (less important). Don’t worry about hitting all of these straight away. If you’re about 80% there that’s good enough to take you to Power Move 3. Fire your boss.

Power Move 3. Fire your boss!

Making your move

So today is your big day. You’ve made Power Move 1, you’ve realised your fate and life could be richer elsewhere. Well done. Power Move 2, you’ve set some goals on what you want to achieve, such as having savings or experience so you can travel. Now there is nothing holding you back.

Now to do what millions of us can only dream of, fire your boss and quit!. I expect the nerves to be rushing through your head, what if they reject it? What if they push back? Is this really such a good idea? There is honestly nothing to worry about as you’ve made your safety net, you are untouchable now! Go deliver the news and share in the comments or on our Twitter feed @ThatTravelThing.

We will take care of the rest. This is where we come in That Travel Thing as a place to inspire and love all things travel.

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